Sarah Harmony Waters is a Christian Singer/Songwriter and Worship Leader. She started the Faith Freedom Foundation to raise awareness about Vaccine Injured Victims and Support Religious/Conscience Vaccine & Medical Choice for ALL. The basic freedom to simply say NO to pharmaceuticals for our own families, is currently under attack in many states and countries. Our goal is support those with religious legal matters, work with Congress to create legislation to protect religious freedom and share the Truth with others. Sarah Walter started her facebook awareness group Parents Against Vaccination in 2015, after she began the battle over her son, Jayden's, religious exemption from vaccines. She started researching vaccines after their son's father wanted to force the flu shot on him, which I was against her beliefs. She researched the ingredients, potential side effects and vaccine injury cases from vaccines. It was a devastating shock of overwhelming evidence. She immediately got a religious exemption when he was 2 ½ yrs oldand went to trial over the flu shot, as well as the HepA Vaccine. She lost the trial and the appeal but the case took so long that her son never had to get the flu shot because the season had passed but was forced to get the HepA Vaccine. She then went to trial again in November 2018 over the remaining required vaccines and again her religious exemption was not upheld and currently in the 4th district court of Appeals in Florida. She believes her son was affected by vaccines, which the doctors told her is normal. He was sick often w/fevers, ear infections, mild asthma, respiratory infections and speech delays. She said, "I saw the glazed look in my son's eyes, when his dad allowed the doctor to administer 8 vaccines at once when he was just 16 months old, but thankfully he recovered, many children do not." Her youngest is almost 3 years old, has NO vaccines and NO health issues. She says, "So I can testify to anyone without a doubt that vaccines are making children sick and I can’t be silent about it. God has called us all to speak the Truth, lives depend on it. I believe the only way to defeat the devil and his army is through the word and power of God. We can tell people all day but if we don’t speak with an anointing and in love, it will fall on deaf ears. That is why I formed this organization Faith Freedom Foundation. I pray I can use my talents to encourage others to have more faith in all areas of their life, especially their health. God gave us everything we need already, including a natural immune system, as well as, incredible plants and foods that nourish the body." The freedom to choose to live drug & vaccine free must be our choice and we believe is our God given Right. The Constitution & State exemptions to vaccines must be upheld. Our goal is to help of others in need of legal support for religious rights cases, provide educational materials and to lobby congress to uphold religious & conscience exemptions on a federal level. You can help support this project by donating or purchasing from the Faith Freedom Forever store. Sarah's song "Walk In Faith" is FREE to download at www.reverbnation.com/harmonywaters Best Regards, SARAH WALTER, Licensed Realtor Real Estate Investment Advisor (954) 865 - 6231